My Style

I incorporate a variety of different styles into my work. It's no secret that I love to draw my letters  by hand, from scratch. We live in an age where perfectly shaped (and boring) letters are easily created using freely available fonts from the internet, but that just doesn't cut it for me. 

Your business, band or brand is unique, so your branding should be too. Generic type doesn't grab the attention of potential customers the way you want it to, which is why you should consider custom work.

I can create a range of different letter styles, compositions, and texture variations for you to choose from. 

My Process

Communication is crucial to the success of any design project. My work process starts out simple; we talk! We talk about your brand, and what sets it apart from the rest. We talk about your inspiration, your history and your ambitions. All of these details allow me to get a real understanding of your brand, so that I can truly create something that does the job. When can even create a shared document such as a Pinterest board to share our ideas and inspiration for the project.

Initial Drafting is the second phase of my design projects. Could you imagine the disappointment you'd have if your graphic designer worked for 2 weeks without sharing anything with you, then showed you a single final product that you didn't like? What a waste of time, effort and of course money. I spend the first few hours of our project drafting rough sketches with as many different layouts, styles and ideas as I can possibly come up with. I'll send through those rough sketches and we can start discussing which concepts you like and which ones you're not into. You've saved me time and you've saved yourself some valuable cash. 

We can re-draw and begin narrowing in on a direction that you like most.

Fine Tuning is the final stage for the project. We've narrowed it down to a particular style by this point, and I'll send you through some variations of the final designs for you to pick from which you can request alterations for. With the design sorted, we can work on a bunch of different texture and presentation techniques and effects to really take the design to the next level.

Once we've finished up the design work, I can provide you with the artwork in a series of different file formats for all sorts of print options, and I'm happy to have a chat with your printer too! I provide vector (.ai and .pdf), and raster images (.psd, .jpeg, .png) of your artwork, so no matter what you use it for you'll always have the right file formats.




Support Your Local - A hand-lettered, textured example of my work.

Support Your Local - A hand-lettered, textured example of my work.

A self-branding / type composition experiment

Hand lettered quote, textured and overlaid onto a photograph